Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ben has a new buddy!

And this time it's a girl.

A new boarder came in recently, a chestnut Arabian mare, who at first joined the mare herd in the large front paddock. Unfortunately, despite her pathetically eager attempts to make friends, she got rejected and got some nasty bites in the process. So poor Dora had to be pulled out and stuck on half-days into a wee onesy paddock, where she tried to make friends with her neighbors despite the electric fence.

Meanwhile, there's Ben in lonely splendor in his large-enough-for-two paddock. Ben, who despite the Ray fiasco likes (most) other horses and would be happy with a congenial buddy. So owners were consulted and agreed; and after her bites had healed up enough, Dora yesterday joined Ben.

I missed the introduction, which was at breakfast turnout. What I saw when I arrived later was a small chestnut where I'd expected to see a large bay. I was told everyone gathered to see how it would go, what excitement there might be -- and there was nothing. Nada. Zip, zilch, zero excitement. They looked, they sniffed, they ate hay from the same pile, and that was that.

This, of course, could change as they get to know each other, and they will have to sort out who's boss -- although this may already have been decided. While Dora was busy nibbling grass under the fenceline. I called Ben over to the gate. We schmoozed; Dora came over to investigate; the two equine noses briefly sniffed; Dora opened her mouth, showed her teeth -- just slightly -- and darted her muzzle maybe an inch at Ben; Ben flinched back.

So I think we know who'll be running the show in this relationship.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Do something!

So, we gotta do something about ISIS! We gotta do something about Syria! We gotta do something about the whole damn Middle East! NOW! Bombs away! Yeh! Let's rush right in and do SOMETHING! Preferably with lots of big BOOMS!

Or maybe we should think about it. Think about who's ginning up the war hysteria -- again -- and why.

Not that we've thought about it for decades of one bloody useless war after another....