Friday, March 17, 2017

The morning Squash report

So far, so good. He ate his supper with Miralax sprinkles, gobbled it all down, and had a good breakfast too. So far I haven't heard or seen any vomit. He’s bright, chipper, and energetic.

Unfortunately, the detente with Peanut seems to have suffered a setback; he’s back to being wary of Mr. Grumpy Face, who’s back to staring at him, and has returned to lurking in the basement. Hopefully this will wear off along with the smell of the vet’s office.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Squash Survives

So, here's the scoop on Squash. What the x-rays showed was probably fecal matter and gas. His bloodwork was perfectly fine, and his teeth aren't all that bad considering his age. He got a large dose of subcu fluids plus an anti-emetic/anti-nausea shot that should be good for 12 hours, by which time hopefully tonight's dose of Miralax in his supper wet food will have moved the problem along.

He's to have a once-daily dose of Miralax for a few days, then every other day for a couple more. Till now he's been getting a mix of different dry kibble at lunch, pate canned at breakfast and supper. The canned will continue; his lunch will be primarily Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Veterinary Digestive Fiber Diet, plus a bit of dental and Calm. The vet is very positive about Royal Canin -- not only healthful but highly palatable.

I'm told he behaved pretty well at the vet's, only dinged the vet once, and missed her eye -- and that was from panicked flailing, not aggressive intent. He was delighted to get home, of course; skittered around for a bit, then camped out in the basement in his usual perch. He emerged at suppertime, ate every bit of his meal, and so far as I can tell still hasn't vomited three hours later. He returned to his basement lair till just a few minutes ago, when he scuttled over to my recliner. He's now lying contentedly behind my head, purring and looking very much like this:

Another Feline Medical Crisis

Squash is at the vet's. I'm waiting to hear back what they find.

He's been vomiting, unable to keep food down, since yesterday. He's otherwise his usual self, but within a short time after he gobbles each meal it comes back; he also vomits bile. He's 15 years old.

This is the cat who hasn't been to the vet's for so long they had him in the inactive file. He's been impossible to catch, carry, and put into a carrier for many years. I lucked out this morning, caught him on a bit of furniture at just the right height to lull him with skritches, then get him under his elbows, scoop him up, and hurry to the top-opening carrier I had ready to stuff him into. Managed to do it despite the flailing with only one minor wound, too.

I've given the intake person all the info. Now I wait while they slot him into the schedule, work him up, and see what's going on. Maybe it's just constipation. Or maybe it's a tumor. Whatever it is, he'll get what he needs -- even if what he needs is the last sleep.