Friday, May 27, 2016

Busy busy busy

Yesterday was rather busy. New carpet installed on the second floor, then putting the bedroom back together when they were done. Also proofreading during and after, plus doing the five loads of laundry displaced by the carpetlaying in the closet. Hey, it's the perfect opportunity to wash all that winter-weight stuff I won't be wearing again till fall, right?

Total pages proofread: 744.

Yeh, I’m tired this morning. But the carpet looks great. Now I need to get the woodwork painted....

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tonight's Fun With Felines

It's getting close to suppertime for the felines and they've been gathering, as is their wont, near me in the living room.

Fat boy Schooner just tried and failed to leap up onto the top of the TV in front of me. He fell back, unhurt, with a huge scrabbling clatter which startled the crap out of the assembled felines.

They bolted in terror, in all directions.

I laughed.