Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My heart will go on

And, the cardiologist says, it appears it will go on going on just fine with the magic medicine aboard.

After my second episode of tachycardia in half a year, I saw a cardiologist who put me on atenolol, scheduled me for an echocardiogram, and whom I’ve just seen for a followup appointment. Verdict: the echo was “fantastic”, today’s EKG was utterly normal, and it would seem I’m among the roughly 50 percent of patients for whom a beta blocker works like a charm to regulate heart rhythm (including, for me, the premature ventricular contractions I’ve been annoyed by for many years). The beats are running at about 70 per minute, a pleasantly healthy rate. Even walking up stairs doesn't jack up the rate the way it had been doing. Nothing to worry about.

So: See him again in five months, keep taking my tiny miracle pill, and be on my happily healthy way.


Oh, and speaking of things that do my heart good, the latest from the range: Working on a smooth trigger squeeze, so sticking to an easy 30/40 feet, iron sights on the CZ Lux, standing, 50 rounds:


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