Friday, June 1, 2012

50 Feet, 50 Rounds

Haven’t had too many opportunities to go shooting over the last couple of months, but I made it to the range today, and was rewarded with an epiphany.

I was shooting the Woodsman, deliberately trying to be deliberate about shooting; slowing everything down, not rushing my shots. The shaky hand was producing the usual wandering results, even so, each time I pulled the trigger....

And then, with the next shot, something happened. I did not pull the trigger. I squeezed it. Just slowly squeezed, let the firing happen when it happened rather than as a conscious act when the wavering aim intersected the bullseye.

And by damn if it didn’t go right where I wanted. WOOT!

I put up a new target and shot a couple dozen more rounds trying to recapture what I’d done. Not every shot was a squeeze rather than a pull, but by golly! I was getting the feel of it, and getting much better results.

I put the Woodsman away and took out the CZ Lux, ran the target out to 50 feet (beyond that I have trouble seeing it clearly – curse these aging eyes!), loaded the first five of 50 rounds, and with mindful deliberation sought the squeeze.

Again, not every shot was as pure a squeeze, as innocent of pull, as I wished; but I’d say the results speak for themselves, eh?


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