Saturday, May 18, 2013

I must be feeling better

At least, one would assume so given that:

This morning I walked a mile and a scootch loop, with one crutch, and that used as a cane for more than half of the distance;

This afternoon I walked a half mile with the cane only, and not too many rest stops along the way;

At home I hardly need the cane at all, other than on the stairs;

And now I’m comfortable enough sitting at my office computer to go back into my raw photo files and spend a pleasant half hour or so editing the following images from a ramble around the farm in Essex where Ben lives, back in October:

 photo twigs_zps01dc0c80.jpg

 photo branches_zps788067dd.jpg

 photo pondgrass_zpsa02776b6.jpg

 photo egrettakeoff_zpsb6452b79.jpg

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