Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How did this happen???

How did I get so old?!? Old hag, old crone, dumpy old lady????

I mean, I was never a raving beauty, even in my college years (too much of that Germanic Graf facial structure):

 photo collegeme_zpse6d0a9c2.jpg

But in my twenties I cleaned up reasonably good, as in my Metro Cite pass photo on a trip to Paris:

 photo Parisme_zps6a6ffe1c.jpg

Into my thirties and forties, I at least didn’t scare small children:

 photo middleageme_zps6a556319.jpg

Nor did I scare the horses (or other four-hooved critters) heading toward the half-century mark:

 photo barnme_zps362b622f.jpg

In my fifties I was still reasonably non-haggish:

 photo Nickme_zps0e93c39b.jpg

But here I am, almost 65, and MY GOD LOOK AT ME!

 photo oldme_zpsac691a5a.jpg

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