Monday, November 2, 2015

So what did I do with my morning?

I’ve got horse stuff. Lots and lots of horse stuff. Years and years of accumulation cluttering up my basement and garage that’s in fine shape but will never be used by me again. So today I wiped down a bunch of tack, dusted off a bunch of other horsey stuff, and drove it all over to Windrush Farm to donate. To wit:

three English saddle pads
one foam pad
five English bridles with snaffle bits
two Western bridles with snaffle bits
two leather English girths
one pair of stirrup leathers
one plastic tote of summer weight breeches (around eight)
one plastic tote of winter weight breeches (around six)
one pair winter insulated overall pants
one barn jacket
one rain jacket
one fleece vest
one heavy winter horse blanket
two rain sheets
one fleece stable blanket
one fleece cooler sheet
two bucket heaters
one hay bale bag

No partridge in a pear tree – wouldn’t fit in the car.

The woman who helped me unload all this from my car was thrilled. She said a lot of the breeches could be used for their clients who didn’t have/couldn’t afford pants for riding, and most everything else would be useful in their program too. What isn’t can go to an auction to raise money.

And I’ve still got enough stuff that another trip isn’t such a bad idea. It was a lovely drive through lovely New England fall color back country, after all....

Windrush Farm:

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