Sunday, January 27, 2013

Schooner and Pumpkin Bask After Breakfast

Schooner and Pumpkin were enjoying an after-breakfast sunning by the second-floor slider this morning when I decided to do some soul-capturing. Below, my picks of the litter.

We'll start with Schooner, who had the best spot, snug in the sunshine next to the hot air floor vent.

 photo 12713002_zpsaa2dcda8.jpg

Of course, when he spotted me he had to start clowning for the camera.

 photo 12713003_zps34b0cd3f.jpg

When this didn't produce the desired belly rub, he ratcheted up the cuteness.

 photo 12713006_zpsaea0d333.jpg

Meanwhile, Pumpkin humbly waited for his turn to be noticed.

 photo 12713009_zpsc751b00d.jpg

Pumpkin's massively affectionate and pathetically grateful for attention but, other than chirping hopefully whenever he sees me, doesn't push things the way Schooner does.

 photo 12713012_zpsd5b91a6b.jpg

So he was content to hold his pose while I zoomed in closer.

 photo 12713017_zps1ee025b5.jpg

And closer.

 photo 12713018_zps78eda3b1.jpg

While Schooner, bereft of attention for the moment, pondered the cruelties of his hardhearted human.

 photo 12713020_zps0c22092c.jpg

Then they got up and swarmed me, ending the photo session.

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