Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The best of friends

That's what Peanut and Squash are. Best buddies, boon companions, BFF, devoted to each other, whatever you call it, that be them. They hang out together in the living room all the time, waking and (most of the time) sleeping.

This evening I photographed them in typical PeanutandSquash mode:


The hugging amid the tangle is typical.


Now and then one or the other will get up and maneuver into a different position, or simply roll enough to rearrange the sprawl.


That's Peanut on the left, and yes, he is just as dorky as he looks.


Doesn't it make you feel all warm and snug just to look at them? Works that way for me!



Jen said...

They are gorgeous! These photos make me miss my fat orange boy, who we had to say goodbye to a couple of years ago. Best cat I ever knew. Give Peanut and Squash some chin skritches for me, in his honor?

Never Ben Better said...

Duly skritched!

I'm wondering, though -- however did you find my blog? It's not like I'm well-known, with lots of followers and commenters.